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New Gear ACCELERATOR - Galaxy

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Get this modern and fashion design for your New Gear watch.
Unleash the power of your smartwatch!


- Rotating month indicator (Bezel)
- Analog & Digital battery indicator
- Date
- LCD display colors X14
- Complication colors X14
- Month indicator colors X14
- App shortcuts X7
- Customizable shortcuts X3
- Hand movement: Sweep (10Hz)
- Digital & analog heart rate indicator
- Digital step counter
- Digital & analog goal step indicator
- Distance traveled (Km/miles) - S health settings
- Moon phase indicator
- 12/24 time format (auto change - Phone settings)
- Water & Caffeine intake
- Burned calories
- Floors climbed
- Charging LED indicator

More details:
Goal reached & Low battery LED indicators

Preset App shortcuts:
TAP the screen of the watch in the indicated areas (see the screenshots)

- Floors climbed: Simple tap
- Battery: Simple tap
- Steps: Simple tap
- S Health: Simple tap
- Heart rate monitor: Simple tap
- Messages: Simple tap
- Phone: Simple tap
- Weather: Simple tap

Amazing AOD mode
Hyper-realistic look and feel

Tap/double tap directly over the screen of the watch. See the active zones in the description images.
It's recommended to clear the cache and reboot your watch for best performance.

BERGEN - Best Watch Face designer of 2018. SF, CA. USA -

Price indicated on Store.

New Gear ACCELERATOR - Galaxy

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