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This time, we are giving the gift of choice.
An amazing gift for this quite hard days. Redeemable towards millions of items.

Do you want $200 to spend?

New Giveaway from Bergen!




Buying this watch face you will get a code in your receipt

(Sent by Samsung after your purchase).


Fill in the required fields including the Order Number in this FORM


Press send and you will be automatically entered into our giveaway contest!

We will email the winner and also publish their name in our social media platforms: BERGEN's Facebook and Instagram





• To participate you will need to buy at least one of the watchfaces listed in the giveaway announcement BERGEN Store. Such a purchase must be made during the period specified in the announcement.

• That is, you can NOT participate in this giveaway by means of a previous purchase.

• To register for this giveaway, you need to provide ALL the fields included in the online Form, including the purchase order number, as found within the receipt you should receive from the Samsung Store after buying any of the qualifying watchfaces.

• You can also access all your purchase receipts by going to the Galaxy Store ⟩ My Page ⟩ Receipts.

• It is NOT BERGEN’s liability if a proper receipt is not generated or delivered to you upon purchase of any of the qualifying watchfaces. Please remember, the creation and delivery of the above-mentioned receipt is the exclusive responsibility of «Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd». and is completely separate from BERGEN.

• This giveaway has been organized independently, and there is no direct relationship relevant to this event between «Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd.», «Amazon», «» and BERGEN. BERGEN just validates your purchase using the order number included in your receipt.

• The winner of this giveaway will be announced on Facebook and Instagram. BERGEN will communicate with the winner through the email you provided when filling out the registration form. 

• BERGEN may use your contact information to communicate about news about our brand, but will NOT share this information with third parties.

• The prize will be sent through AMAZON's eGift Card service. BERGEN is NOT responsible for any problem regarding the delivery service.

• Once the winner has been selected, BERGEN acts only as an INTERMEDIARY, buying the prize through AMAZON and sending the prize to the email address as previously specified by you, to which AMAZON must send the prize. Any inconvenience in the delivery caused by incorrect information as provided by you is entirely your responsibility.

• The winner can consult the seller's policies within AMAZON here

• Any type of claim you’d like to make on the prize or in relation to it, you must do so directly with the appropriate seller within AMAZON. All relevant information regarding the seller will be provided to the winner via a link to their profile.

• The draw can be canceled at any time without prior notice, although it’s possible that images mentioning this giveaway could still be found online. There is a delay between the modifications that BERGEN makes within Samsung’s Galaxy Store and the date on which they are reflected on the user’s end.

• It is the entire responsibility of the winner to have an Amazon account active in order to redeem the prize.

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